The Living Bible Garden

The Saint Mark’s Church Garden has won for the third year in succession a Gold award for the best Church Garden in the Lichfield Diocese thanks to the skill and devotion of our intrepid gardeners John Silvester and Val Asprey.

Over the last year many new plants have been introduced that are either mentioned in the Bible, or have a strong biblical link and the garden is looking better than ever.

Each plant has a small marker next to it that gives the name of the plant and the Bible reference it relates to.

Come and have a look and see how many you can find such as “Star of Bethlehem” or “Mary and Joseph” or “Crown of Thorns”

Garden 1
Garden 2

We have also created a wildlife area next to the Rose Garden of Remembrance to encourage small creatures. You will find log piles, small insect houses and bird feeders.

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